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Bethlehem Books The Strange Intruder

When Sven sees that figure swept into the seas, he thinks instantly of his father who is the first mate on the schooner. He volunteers to go down the cliff in a desperate attempt to prevent the swimmer from being dashed against the rocks. But when he perilously reaches the bottom, Sven does not find either the hopeful or tragic ordeal he's expected; instead he is suddenly face to face with an intruder who will bring the whole island under a strange reign of terror in those last long-drawn-out hours of the storm.

A force ten gale; a damaged ship and crew in danger of smash-up on the rocks of its own island home; a handful of women, old men, and one 16-year-old boy, Sven, to rescue them--when it seems impossible for things to get any worse than they already are on the small Faroes island of Mykines, they do! Arthur Catherall skillfully weaves an authentic tale of courage and suspense. Recommended for ages 8 to 12.

Customer Reviews for The Strange Intruder
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