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Customer Reviews for Harvest House Publishers Exploring the Evidence for Creation: Reasons to Believe the Biblical Account

Harvest House Publishers Exploring the Evidence for Creation: Reasons to Believe the Biblical Account

  • Is evolutionary theory compatible with the biblical account of creation?
  • What do archaeology, geology, and biology tell us about the origin of life?
  • Are these questions really all that important-and is so, why?

  • Those who affirm the scriptural record of creation are sometimes accused of ignoring current scientific research. But as you're about to see, the most up-to-date data reveal that the universe could not have created itself and that inanimate objects could not have somehow combined to form living organisms on earth.

    You'll also discover that the philosophy of evolution and the Bible's teaching about creation lead to very different conclusions about what God is like and why your life has meaning and purpose. If you want to hold an informed understanding of this vital issue, you'll enjoy this fresh look at the convincing evidence for creation.
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Customer Reviews for Exploring the Evidence for Creation: Reasons to Believe the Biblical Account
Review 1 for Exploring the Evidence for Creation: Reasons to Believe the Biblical Account
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Defense of Creation from a Biblical Worldview

Date:February 6, 2013
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Although the book, Exploring the Evidence for Creation by Henry Morris III, can get tedious due to the technical nature of the subjects covered, it contains excellent information on the creation-evolution debate from a variety of sources. Dr. Morris compiles evidence gleaned from nearly four decades of research by staff members of the Institute for Creation Research in the disciplines of Physical, Earth and Life Science. He begins the journey of Exploring the Evidence for Creation by offering evidences for God and evidence for absolute truth as the necessary foundation for science. Dr. Morris then highlights the complexities and dependencies of life on earth, and makes a reasoned argument that the unique location and suitability of our planet to sustain life could not possibly be a matter of chance happening. Like a trial lawyer, he presents a sound case for design by God and gives the reader ample resources to come to the conclusion that evolution could not have brought about life as we know it. He concludes the first part of the book by citing evidence for creation from the Scriptures themselves, highlighting the reliability and the historical and scientific accuracy of the Bible, and how the principles of God’s Word impact the wide-ranching functions of stewardship through God’s dominion mandate given to mankind.
The second half of the book focuses upon the critical nature of embracing recent creation as opposed to “old earth” theories that attempt to wed creation and evolution. Morris addresses suggested alternatives to a six-day creation such as Theistic Evolution, Progressive Creation, The Day-Age Theory and The Gap Theory, and tells why Christians must take a stand on a literal interpretation of the inspired account of creation recorded in the book of Genesis. He then makes the case that science has not observed evolution of one kind into another kind in the past, nor does it observe this in the present even with the intervention of intentional, intelligent human manipulation. The concluding chapters of his book emphasize God’s character and purpose for all things and the critical nature of a biblical view of origin as it impacts all other Bible doctrine.
This book could serve as an excellent resource for students doing research on the hotly debated topic of creation/intelligent design/evolution. It gives a logical, objective defense of creation from a clearly biblical worldview. (rev. B.La Tour)
DISCLOSURE: A complimentary review copy of Exploring the Evidence for Creation was provided to us by Harvest House Publishers for the purpose of our honest review. Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer.
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