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Customer Reviews for Zondervan NIV Chunky Bible Italian Duo-Tone &#153, Tangerine 1984

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Zondervan NIV Chunky Bible Italian Duo-Tone &#153, Tangerine 1984

The Chunky Bible mini is a real handful! With its compact, yet bulked up design, it gives you a good grip on the most-read, most trusted NIV text. You will enjoy the fun and funky format, get deeper into God's Word through the reading plans, and evangelise easily with the additional quick-access content.

Chunky mini includes 96 tear-out cards. Each of these little chunks is a perforated removable note - chunks of wisdom, hope, and love - meant to pass along as encouragement for evangelistic messaging in a non-threatening way. These notes are perfect for friends, family, co-workers, or for leaving with a tip at a restaurant for someone you don't even know! The lighthearted quotes are coupled with relevant Scripture verses and chunks of wisdom for everyday life with quotes by well-known people from John Ortberg, Mother Teresa, Dolly Parton, and Mark Twain.

Are You a Chunky Bible Skeptic? A bit about your Chunky Bible….
A Trendsetter—The Chunky Bible Makes It Hip to be “Square”
Engineered to fit in your hand perfectly, this little block begs to be read.
This is one book you can judge by its cover.
But, It’s What’s On the Inside that Counts Your Chunky Bible Includes the entire text of the NIV – the most read, most trusted Bible translation in the world. Your new Chunky Bible also comes equipped with tear-out notes—chunks of wisdom, hope, and love—perfect for posting around your place or to pass on to a friend. Encourage someone you know by giving them one!
One Chunk at a Time You know that old saying, “How do you eat an elephant?—One bite at a time.” Well the Bible doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The Chunky Bible comes with easy reading plans that break the Bible down into manageable reading chunks. Whether you want to read just a little bit everyday or a lotta bit just once in a while.
Noticeable & Friendly Your Chunky Bible wants to get noticed and engaged. When you put it down, it wants to get picked back up.
We hear it’s the only Bible that can sit upright on its edge. Some people buy more than one so they can nest them next to each other like blocks, because Chunky Bibles fit so well together. Then they break them out and read them with their family and friends.
Some people even give Chunky Bibles to other people they hardly know!  When you carry a Chunky Bible, people ask what it is and they want one.
People telling you they want a Bible … now that’s CHUNKY!
Customer Reviews for NIV Chunky Bible Italian Duo-Tone &#153, Tangerine 1984
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