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Osmango Distribution Shifting to High Gear

Welcome to the city of Auto, where cars and trucks come to life through captivating, Emmy winning animation. Join Johnny, Izzi, EJ, Cali and friends in three amazing adventures, as they drive on the road of fun, excitement and wonder. Along the way, everyone will learn valuable lessons that will last a lifetime! Episodes include:
  • A Taxing Problem (Sharing/Sacrifice): When a tire shortage in the City of Auto keeps Miles from competing in the State Safety Derby, Johnny has an opportunity to look past his selfish ways and make a real sacrifice.
  • Issadora's Box (Restraint): It's Izzi's birthday soon, but she wants to open her present now. The result is trouble for the whole town, but there is more than one character in this story who needs a lesson in self-control.
  • Extreme Overhaul (Self-Acceptance): The popular TV show "Extreme Overhaul" has Derek believing he's just a regular truck with a boring life, but after getting his new look he discovers his old life wasn't so bad after all.
Bonus Episode: The Secret of Success (Perseverance). Running time approximately 60 minutes.
Customer Reviews for Shifting to High Gear
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