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CBD/Direct Marketing Services On Suffering

Wiersebe's Classic Sermon Series is an attempt to assemble and publish meaningful sermons from master preachers about significant theses. These are powerful sermons, not essays or chapters taken from books, and thus, they apply the meaningful truths of the Bible to the needs of the human heart.

On Suffering includes:

-Changes of Life and Their Comfort in God - John Ker-Christ in a World of Pain - William M. Clow-For the Troubled - Charles Haddon Spurgeon-God and the Fact of Suffering: (1)The Burden of Mystery - James S. Stewart-God and the Fact of Suffering: (2)Lights in the Darkness - James S. Stewart-Heaven's help for Troubled Souls - Walter A. Maier-The Heroism of Endurance - Hugh Black-The Ministry of Suffering - George W. Truett
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