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Capitol Christian Music Group Attention CD

What happens when you fuse pop punk music with melodious vocals and lyrics that drive to the heart? Philmont's debut full length Attention. This North Carolina based band has found a way to mix these dangerous song writing elements into a masterpiece of sound that is both complex and simple. The band stands out as a pop punk staple with "The Difference" and "I Can't Stand To Fall". All the while, they bring around their ballad side with songs like "Another Name" ." While Philmont might still be in their infancy within the scene, they are already proving themselves to be a fan favorite; playing such music staples as Cornerstone and Ichthus festivals.

Yet, it's their love for God that seems to set them apart in the crowds. Front-man Scott Taube speaks specifically on the song "My Hippocratic Oath;" "The song begins with someone who is very sick, but the good news is they can be easily and completely healed," explains Taube. "Who wouldn't say yes to that option? That's how it is with Jesus. He offers to save us. We just have to enter into that relationship." With a power like that behind you, how can you ever stop?
Customer Reviews for Attention CD
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